Proud to be a Health and Safety Professional

Health & Safety (OH&S) is not just Engineering or Arts or Science, and also not just teaching, preaching, policing, advising, publishing, serving, or marketing, but it involves all the said above and even more. Read my full article Proud to be a Health and Safety Professional.

Proud to be a Health and Safety Professional

A Non-Doctor cannot treat a patient as per law, the same case for safety too. That's why we abode to pass through several exams viz.CSP, NEBOSH, etc.,

Health & Safety job is more than a Doctor, A Doctor can treat a patient only after injury but they speak on 'prevention is better than cure' but a Health & Safety Practitioner demonstrates!!!

Proud to be a Health & Safety Professional

Speaking on experience and skill, it requires huge special skills. It is all about bringing the Health & Safety thought-process in the mind of employee's which not just easy to cultivate. More than a marketing profession!!
Health & Safety job is not just enforcing certain acts like police, but it is to bring about changes along with motivation. More than a police!

Investigating an accident needs lots of experience and depth of knowledge on the subject and system. Health & Safety is more than a detective job!!!

Fire incidents, on investigation needs, more on technical skill and scientific analysis. Scientists can prove subjects that are available on earth, but we have to analyze things that have gone out of the earth. Isn't a more than a scientist..?

Proud to be a Health and Safety Professional

Teachers and professors will teach a student who has passed certain standards putting lots of constraints like exams and tests, with the expectation of passing out exam. But, providing training to a worker who hasn't passed schooling and expecting 100% implementation. It is a huge challenge. Is it not??., more than a Professor..!!!

More and above all, entities like quality, environment, security, etc., have obtained a status of ISO means standardization. This implies we could standardize certain parameters and processes all over the world. But, Health and Safety have not been given ISO, the one main reason is that H&S cannot be standardized across the globe because it depends on the psycho-social human environment and it varies from person-to-person culture-to-culture and geography. It is quite difficult to understand the concept of Health & Safety altogether.

So, be proud to be a Health & Safety Professional. It is the field that encompasses all engineering branches.

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